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Our miniature donkeys are healthy in their body and spirit. They live in the mediteranean outdoors from their birth in freedom and in a litlle group where they build solid relationships with each other.
The jennys feed the babys during 6 months, and they are weaned little after little. We are getting them familiar with human contact by spending time, caring and playing with them.
We realy love them all and care about them very much.
From time to time, they are released in a meadow with steep slopes to develop their balance and grow strong muscles. They also share their shelter and meadow with their other friends, Milord the billy goat, Vanille the goat and her kids and Rafael our kids poney.

We feed them with traditional food including herbs, hay and flat barley, witouth forgetting the small treats like carots and vegetables mainly offered by the kind owners of shops in our village and of course some bread!

We sell the donkeys from six months of age to responsible people with shelter and enough land. We have the right to refuse to give an animal to someone that doesn't guarantee a happy life to the donkey.

All our animals are vaccinated, stamped, SIRE identified and inscribed at the Miniature Donkey Registry. There is not yet a stud book in France for miniature donkeys, but its possible to registre them at the Official National French Association of Miniature Donkeys (ANAPT).
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We also have a very good relationship with the new breeders and are happy to share photos of the birth of foals on our stud.
Our advice
When buying a miniature donkey, always go to a breeder that can give you the best before and after the sales advices. This is proof of good quality not only for you but your new small friends.

Be sure that the donkeys are registered in either the ADMS or MDR

Before to buy any donkey, it's important to know that these animals have a life expectancy of around 40 years of age.
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Les Ânons du Varon - 3029 route de Salernes - 83780 Flayosc - 04 94 68 34 56 / 06 98 94 82 53 - SIRET : 50981638500017
Adhérent ANAPT - Membre de l'ADMS et du MMDA