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Un peu d'histoire
How we started
Our passion for miniature donkeys began after a visit to Carol and Francis's donkey stud in the French Pyréenes.
When we received the fisrt donkey from them in our family, we fell in love immediatly with his small size, characteristical head, sweetness and kindness with our sons.
Our love for the breed was born
At the begining of the following year we purchased 3 reproductive and pregnant jennys coming from the USA
Rearview’s BABY
et 1 stallion
Short Asset WAR EMBLEM

They all have a pedigree of quality from both parents. They all came from prestigious studs and have outstanding confirmation and have been selected and inscribed at the Miniature Donkey Registry and American Donkey and Mule Society.
The time came to think of birth
Our patience was rewarded.
The following summer our first 3 donkeys were born. What a beautifull event after days and nights of care and surveillance. Even our son of 5 years old help to look after them.
Finaly! They were born. So adorable! So cute and so small with differents colours

In our aim to improve we have visited studs and exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Our goal is to carrefully raise exceptional, healthy donkeys, with correct conformation (straight legs, strong body, straight teeth,...) in various colours and to be sweet, social and without consanguinity.
I think you would love them.

Next Blessed Assurance PALE RIDER a white ivory, blue eyed miniature donkey arrived in our family, the second future stallion of the stud. Followed by Furball Acres SNOWWHITE a white ivory blue eyed miniature jenny and a future reproductive.

For information: there is only around one hundred white ivory blue eyed miniature donkeys inscribed in the USA registry in 45000 miniature donkeys registred. To my knwoledge i think there are less than 10 in Europe except in Sardinia (Italiy) where the race began. In Sardinia there is around 80 small size white ivory donkeys. They've been called l'Asino Bianco dell Asinara. Refer to our page "WHITE IVORY GENETIC" for more information.
We've learnt alot from our friends Carole and Francis at "Asinerie FRANCAROLIS" that we mentioned before.
We thank them very much and it's with the same vision that we produce quality donkeys. Our thoughts go also to the American breeders Dorie and Carmen Gruetzmacher SUNNY G ACRES, Kathie Loudamy K AND K RANCH, Connie Bonczek FURBALL ACRES, Kay Allen BLESSED ASSURANCE FARM, and also Kate Hancock. They put their confidance in us and alowed us to take delivery of some of their donkeys to add a new developpment to the miniature donkey race in France and they also give us precious advice.
Les Ânons du Varon - 3029 route de Salernes - 83780 Flayosc - 04 94 68 34 56 / 06 98 94 82 53 - SIRET : 50981638500017
Adhérent ANAPT - Membre de l'ADMS et du MMDA